Whether you are a backpacker, a day-hiker, a cyclist, a horse-rider, an explorer of local cultures and history, or an observer, the path has something to offer you. This online resource provides information and links to enable every type of traveller to explore their options and plan their own journey along the Via Eurasia.

Consider what type of traveller you are or wish to be. The Via Eurasia offers a wide variety of ways to experience the route. Understanding the options on different parts of the path will allow you to plan a journey exactly suited to you and your companions.

Ways to travel on the route:

Completely Independently: Travellers who are accustomed to carrying their own packs and feel confident navigating by topographical maps and GPS. They prefer to organize their own accommodation or camp; they feel comfortable carrying food to prepare for themselves or finding local restaurants or meal options; and they utilize public transport whenever possible. They may speak some of the local languages or, if they don’t, are happy to resort to sign language or google translate. They may travel on foot or by bicycle.

Self-guided: These hikers would like to have transport and baggage transfers arranged but navigate each day’s journey independently at their own pace. They want the freedom to choose where and when to stop and stare, to choose their own meals and places to eat. But they appreciate the security of safe baggage transfer, reserved accommodation and a helpful guide just a phone call away. At the moment, self-guided tours are only offered for walkers, not bikers.

Organized Tours: Many travellers prefer the security, comfort and logistical ease which comes from booking an organized tour. Many tour operators advertise walks, cycling or horse-riding holidays over sections of the Via Eurasia on set dates. Alternatively, travellers can gather their own groups and request a custom tour via a local tour operator. On organized tours, the tour operator makes all the bookings for accommodation, transport, local guides, luggage transfer, and other requested services. Follow the tour operators link or contact the partners.

Consider these possible styles of travel and decide which is most appropriate for your interests and level of fitness and experience. Once you have decided how you want to travel, you can use this website to research your journey on the Via Eurasia. You can start with your type of travel – on foot, by bike, by horse or by sea – the time you wish to go, the region you prefer or even with your favourite tour operator.

You can order guide-books and maps on line or download resources like smart-phone apps.

With over 4000km of route spread across 8 countries of Europe and the Middle East, the Via Eurasia offers a variety of experiences for any type of explorer.


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