There are about 30 km of the Via Eurasia found in the district of Cay – they link the Phrygian Way to the St Paul Trail.

Çay is a county of the Afyonkarahisar province in the inner Aegean region; located in the place that the Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian regions intersect, Çay is surrounded by the Sultandağı mountains in the east, Yalvaç in the south, Suhut and Afyon in the west and Bolvadin in the north.The county economy is based on agriculture. Grain, sugar beet, poppy are the most important agricultural products, with flour factories in the district. Livestock is raised in mountainous areas. The population of the county is 45,000 with 18,000 living in the Çay town.

History of Çay

The history of Çay dates back to the Early Bronze Age. In history, it was the junction of east-west, north-south ancient roads, famous for its hosting of the Battle of İpsus (301 BC) between the combined forces of the Egyptian, Syrian and Thracian kings (all regional successors to Alexander the Great) and the Antigonus Dynasty, the major successor to Alexander. Antigonus lost the battle and the territory of Asia Minor and Greece was divided amongst the winners.

1400 years later, during the conquest of Anatolia by the Seljuk Turks, it is thought that Emir Ahmet Shah, Emir Sanduk and Dolathan forces conquered the region, although there are no records of the process. The city, which was destroyed by the Crusader armies during the Crusades, was taken over by the Oghuz Turks in 1155 and given the name Çay Değirmeni.

Interesting Places in Çay

Lake Eber

Covering areas of Cay, Bolvadin, and Sultandağı, this lake covers 150 km2. The waters are famous for their pike, carp, perch and other fish. It’s possible to go fishing or take a boat trip on the lake. Water lilies and reeds make it a paradise for birds. Eber Lake is one of the indispensable income sources of the region. In the wintertime, hunters come from the surrounding provinces and hunt ducks.

Çağlayan Waterfall and park

To the south of the town center, below the Sultan Mountains, the Çağlayan waterfall is the source of the river at the upper end of the valley. It is popular with local people for excursions and picnics. In the park area, the waterfall falls from a height of about 30 meters and is both spectacular and noisy.


  • Bolvadin to Çay 14 km
  • Çay to Yarıkkaya 19 km


There are a few hotels in the main town of Çay and on the main road to Afyon as well as others with access to the various hot springs found in the district.


Çay can be reached by bus from Afyon. There are minibuses that run from the main Çay bus station to the villages.


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